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In Fear I Trust

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Face your fears and experience a psychological thriller unlike anything you’ve seen before.In Fear I Trust brings a new kind of nightmare to mobile with stunning visuals, brain-teasing puzzles, and terrifying revelations.
A TRAUMATIC TALEHow did you end up in this place? Escape from a terrifying facility and piece together the horrific events that led you to become a test subject in a mysterious experiment.
AN UNREAL EXPERIENCEExplore eerie locations, relive disturbing memories, and endure against a haunting atmosphere. In Fear I Trust channels the power of the Unreal Engine 3 make this nightmare a reality on mobile.
MIND-BENDING PUZZLESUse Retrospective mode to gain a new perspective on your surroundings.Study notes, examine objects, and use what’s left of your sanity to solve elaborate interactive puzzles.
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